Breaking News Alerts

Improve the user experience for broadcasters to publish breaking news alerts to their viewers.

Our goal was to provide an efficient, flexible User Experience for digital editors to alert to their local TV news station audiences of breaking news through push notifications, website banners, and other methods.

I’ve been leading cross-functional teams to build product features using an iterative and agile process.  I designed our product development process to encourage iterative development, experimentation, and continuous learning about how users interact with our products.

A great example of our process in action was during the development of our Broadcast CMS product.  We implemented an MVP feature early-on in development to allow broadcasters to publish breaking news alerts to their app and web visitors through banners and push notifications.

After learning a lot about how customers used the feature through interviews, observation, and analysis of analytics data.  We used a technique called story mapping to develop a shared understanding of the users and their tasks. We realized we needed to redesign the interface to focus on the user workflow.  The developers also took the opportunity to refactor the apis and web application code to be more flexible and reliable as we moved forward.

The challenging part of the interface design was to come up with a way to give editors flexibility to customize aspects of the breaking news alerts in each separate channel if they wanted or needed to, but to let them publish an alert quickly if they just wanted to push something out. In the end, I decided to go with expandable sections for each notification channel.

The following image is a screenshot of the final product, and then a video demonstrating how it works.

Final Implementation of the breaking news alert interface
Sending a breaking news alert

Read more about how we used analytics data to improve the user experience of our breaking news alert publishing interface in the highlights of my UXPA Boston 2019 presentation.